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You receive the best of what we have to offer when you call Air Maintenance and Refrigeration Repair in Corpus Christi. We dispatch the most trusted and skilled air conditioning and commercial refrigeration technicians in the industry to do your job. Our goal is to provide a 100-percent AC Repair satisfaction guarantee for our future and current clients.

Industries We Serve

Maintenance and repair are essential for ensuring the performance of air conditioning and refrigeration units. We help homeowners and business owners improve their equipment's overall operation and keep it working smoothly for years. Our skilled technicians have experience working on different AC, heating, and commercial refrigeration product coolers, including:

Office Building

Residential – Count on our skilled technicians to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot, dry summer. Your family's health and well-being depend on the temperature inside to directly contrast with the weather outside. Call us for air conditioning repair. We respond quickly, making the repairs quickly, so your family can enjoy the summer.

Commercial – A restaurant, store, or office building requires comfortable temperatures no matter how hot it is outside. We provide commercial AC maintenance to see that people feel good enough to eat, work, shop, or work. Our technicians also see that your fresh produce, prepared food, and beverages are kept at a constant temperature to avoid spoilage.

Industrial – Rely on our team to take on those big AC or refrigeration units that keep your products cool in the factory or warehouse. People, products, and equipment require a narrow range of temperatures to operate optimally. When this varies, we're ready to make the necessary repairs. The same applies to service for your walk-in freezers.

Marine – It's as essential on the water as it is on land to keep food cold and people comfortable. Our team is skilled enough to do both. We make sure your coolers and chillers are cold. And we look after your AC systems onboard to make sure they're functioning as they should be.

Our History

For more than 32 years, locally owned Air Maintenance And Refrigeration Repair has provided effective AC services without the daunting prices. We do not charge overtime for our labor.

Our Team

Providing exemplary customer service is the mission of our licensed and insured contractors. Our team always keeps tabs on the HVAC industry's latest developments to adequately care for your AC units, refrigerators, and more.

Our Availability

Cooling system problems can occur at any time. We respond fast to your requests, and we bring a variety of supplies with us so that we're prepared to handle your problem. Additionally, we answer service calls on holidays.

On-Site Services

Keep your cooling systems running longer and more efficiently with regular upkeep. We offer convenient on-site services such as diagnostics, maintenance, and ac repairs that save you time and effort.

Call us to troubleshoot the problem and make the repairs.