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Commercial AC


Sometimes, you just suspect something is wrong and see or hear symptoms of a problem. It’s best to get an HVAC repair person out earlier rather than later. Small air conditioning issues can become enormous (and enormously expensive) if not taken care of. We recommend biannual air conditioning repair. Our team of licensed, insured and highly qualified air conditioning technicians is at the ready to service your commercial unit.We will help you through maintaining your commercial air conditioner or heater, from HVAC installation to maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Our Corpus Christi and surrounding area HVAC company is prepared to handle any problem your system can throw at us, and with our convenient location in the Corpus Christi area, we will get to you in a jiffy.

  • Address underperforming units
  • Deep-clean condenser coils and evaporator unit
  • Find the source of smells or sounds
  • Fix broken belts or fans
  • Take care of thermostat issues
  • Resolve airflow, compress or blower motor breakdowns

Commercial AC

Commercial AC repair is an important job and we take it seriously. Cooling and Heating, we have a full breadth of knowledge needed to assess, diagnose and fix your commercial air conditioner. Commonly, your air conditioner may be giving off signs that it’s going bad or parts are failing. Any indication that something isn’t functioning as it should is a red flag.

Poor performing air conditioners don’t adequately cool and can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. Commercial ACs take a lot of stress and, in this area, may run for most of the year. With this extensive use, they are subject to wear and tear. Ideally, you can avoid repairs by getting regular maintenance. During twice yearly visits, an HVAC professional from our team can perform inspection, deep-cleaning, check refrigerant levels and make important adjustments. This can be an effective way to catch issues before they even give you noticeable symptoms.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a commercial air conditioner will still break down. There are numerous parts in your air conditioning. Some of these are moving parts, like rubber belts or fan blades, that can become damaged and need to be replaced. Other parts are coils and a heat pump that deal with refrigerant. Refrigerant levels should always remain the same. If they don’t, you have a leak, which could result in exposure to toxins.

All of these issues can be resolved by an expert HVAC technician who knows how to perform repairs. We are knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of how your commercial air conditioning system works. Having been in the business for many generations, we understand old and new systems alike. Whatever you’re facing, we can provide guidance and advice at the right price.